The ISG platform brings all the components of your service together. It takes care of subscriber management, content management and device management. It handles the metadata for linear TV, EPG, Catchup TV, recordings, Video-on-Demand and channel packages, while it also integrates with billing systems and other third-party solutions and interactive services.

The platform has been designed to scale horizontally to large subscriber quantities and comes integrated with major online video services. The flexible architecture allows quick integration of new external systems, providing a solution tailored to your requirements.

Manage your video streaming ecosystem from a single dashboard

Manage Content

Control all of your content with easy use IPTV middleware software to customize and serve media to customers.

Manage Subscribers

Add, manage, and customize customer profiles to make network administration a snap.

Monetize Content

Establish income streams using channel packages, VoD packages, ad insertion capabilities, prepaid cards.

Measure Performance

Analyze your business. Monitor visitors, content popularity, watching hours, ratings and location.

Reach Audience Anywhere in the World

Distribution of your content gets seamless allowing users to access any content from any part of the world through the nearest IPTV OTT server via advanced CDNs.

Entertainment Delivery With Precision

Distribute HD quality videos allowing users to overcome fast channel change. Scalable CDNs that deliver smooth video transmissions & give continual renditions.

Full List of Features of IPTV Middleware

The content management module provides the integrated management of all the content in operator’s network, including live channels, video, and audio on demand.

  • Creation and management of content packages
  • Managing content categories
  • Content metadata management
  • Automatic metadata updates from source file
  • Video on Demand section is integrated with oMDB movie metadata database, which allows easy and quick filling of VoD metadata, such as movie posters, descriptions, actors, years, genres, etc.
  • Seasons/episodes for VoD content
  • Archive/nPVR settings

The module is a control panel for managing subscribers and system administrators, and controlling their actions.

  • Subscribers are people or organizations who have bought a content package from a TV operator.
  • The «Subscribers» tab in Middleware displays such information as name, status, registration date, time of last visit, a user name, IP address, e-mail, devices, and users’actions


  • Administrator is a member of an operator’s team who manages the operation of IPTV network
  • The «Administrators» tab in Middleware displays displays such information as name, status, registration date, time of last visit, a user name, phone, e-mail, and administrator’s actions
  • A system of administrator’s permissions is used to select actions which the administrator is allowed or forbidden to perform over servers, content, users, billing, advertising, Middleware settings, etc

The server management module is a control panel for administrating and status monitoring of media delivery servers, transcoders, and VoD servers of your IPTV/OTT network. Status shows current server parameters such as CPU, memory load, uptime, downtime, server zones, network speed, etc. Sends notifications in case of failures. Users can set encoding profiles for transcoding servers.
The module is responsible for load balancing between several servers.

IPTV Solution group provides a recommendation engine that allows the implementation of:

  • Content based recommendations
  • User behavior recommendations
  • Forced recommendations

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