Grow your platform userbase, while unleashing your APP reach.

Your platform is only limited by the devices it can reach. To grow your userbase, ISG gets your IPTV/OTT app on all major stores—including smart TV—allowing consumers to access your service anywhere.

Market Leader in Multiscreen Options

Your clients can stream on any device. ISG offers the most multiscreen options in the IPTV/OTT industry. Your APP will be available on over 10 APP stores instantly.


Compatible with all NoraGo APPs

We make your ideas a reality. With our Nora backend software, you have full control over the user interface on TV, mobile, and computer apps. Customize any of our frameworks to match your brand, or design a completely new app according to your specs.


4K Quality Delivery

A good user experience keeps customers returning. Your clients’ information is secure, and only accessible by you. With total control over phone and download usage data, you can track how customers use your service.

4K Quality Delivery

Use data to plan confidently.

Our experience managing IPTV/OTT service helps you track and understand usage data, then tailor your app to fit the needs of your users. See what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow, and strategize for growth months and years down the road.

Start Building Your Apps Today

Take your IPTV/OTT platform to the next level with the support of the ISG team. You’re ready for your platform to take off. Have an expert call you today to see how quickly your apps can launch and your service grow.

We’re local members to the communities we serve which allows us to get your services up and running in a day. ISG means more than just TV or Internet.

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