The world of television is changing, and IPTV/OTT is at the forefront of that change. ISG is now offering its customers a state-of-the-art viewing experience that includes all the best content from around the world, delivered in HD quality. 

With our Scalable OTT / IPTV middleware, you can easily manage your entire platform from one convenient location, whether it’s on-cloud or on-premise. Plus, our multi-screen apps make it easy for viewers to access your content on any device, anywhere.

Benefit from our vast package of features and security/DRM solutions to protect your content with the latest encryption technology. So, if you aspire to deliver the best viewing experience to your customers, we have the right solution for you.

Technology Challenges FOR OPERATORS

ISG IPTV Solutions for Operators

Scalable OTT / IPTV Middleware.

On-cloud or on-premise, manage your entire platform from one location.

Multi-Screen Apps.

Your IPTV/OTT application will be available in all major app stores.

Content Delivery Network.

Utilizing a multi-CDN strategy, we deliver your content worldwide with quality and at scale.

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Security/ DRM.

We support multiple levels of content protection & authentication, incl. Widewine, FairPlay,& PlayReady.

Ingest and Transcode.

Ingest your content from any source, including broadcast or IP and transcode in any format.

Why ISG for MSOs / ISPs?

ISG provides a comprehensive package of features to obtain maximum results from your services. With ISG, you can manage your entire platform from one central location and benefit from professional support in multiple content protection and authentication levels.

Experts choose ISG!