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Why launch FAST for your college or university?

Education Evolution


Instant Resource Sharing: Educators and students can exchange learning materials, research findings, course updates, and even insights from athletic achievements in real time. FAST channels become a repository of collective knowledge.

Interactive Learning


Encourage dynamic discussions, peer collaboration, and Q&A sessions that also encompass athletics-related topics. FAST channels become a versatile extension of the learning environment.

Global Learning Connections

Global Learning

Facilitate cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among students and faculty across different universities worldwide, including those with a passion for athletics. FAST channels foster enriching global educational connections.

Announcements and Alerts

and Alerts

Keep students informed about academic deadlines, campus events, and athletic activities instantly. FAST channels ensure that important information reaches the right audience without delay.

Energizing Athletics


Real-Time Game Updates: Share live scores, game highlights, and athlete interviews during sporting events. FAST channels engage fans and alumni in the excitement of university athletics like never before.

Fan Engagement


Create interactive discussions, polls, and contests related to athletic events. FAST channels become a platform for rallying school spirit and fostering a vibrant fan community.

Athlete Spotlight


Showcase the dedication, stories, and successes of student-athletes. FAST channels become a stage for celebrating athletic achievements and inspiring the entire university community.



Admissions, Alumni, Education, and Athletics through FAST channels

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Take your existing content to new levels through
the power and flexibility of FAST channels

FAST channels provide the thread that weaves together the fabric of your university community. From prospective students exploring admissions to alumni fostering lifelong connections and educators enriching the learning experience – these channels streamline communication, enhance engagement, and create a sense of belonging across all aspects of university life.

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ISG provides a user-friendly platform that enables creators to set up their own streaming TV channels without any technical expertise. 

As a content creator, you have full control over the content, branding, and scheduling of your channels. Our platform allows you as the creator to upload and organize your video content, design the look and feel of your channel, and curate playlists for your audience.

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One of our FAST channel’s key features is its built-in ad management system. Our platform seamlessly integrates targeted and relevant advertising.

ISG takes care of all the ad-related aspects, including ad placement, targeting, and reporting, allowing you as the content creator to focus on producing high-quality content and engaging your audience. Watch your video views and CPM grow.

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ISG helps content creators grow their channels by providing tools and resources for audience development. 

ISG’s advanced algorithms promote the channels to relevant viewers, ensuring maximum exposure for the content. Additionally, creators have access to in-depth insights and analytics. This allows you to track your channel’s success, learn about your audience’s viewing habits, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your content– all enabling you to boost revenue.

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